Why Women Should Lift Weights!

5th May 2017

Often when females attempt to lose weight/fat they feel the answer is to go jogging or spend an hour on the cross trainer at the gym. Though they may lose weight, it will be of a slow nature causing major stress on the joints of the hips, knees and ankles and will often lead to the deterioration of muscle mass in the process.

The lack of results from this method of training, known as low intensity steady state cardio (LISS) can be disheartening as women of all ages often seek a more ‘toned’ appearance. Please note that the word toned has no relevance with regard to the appearance, body composition or physique of a female or anybody for that matter. What will give females this look is an increase in muscle mass. When the majority of girls who are attempting to improve their appearance hear this alarm bells begin to ring. This is due to the lack of knowledge and understanding that lies within the industry today.

The answer to increasing muscle mass is WEIGHT TRAINING. Lifting weights will not make you look ‘bulky’ and will improve your physique in a much quicker manner than running at the same pace on a treadmill for an hour 5 times per week. Girls simply don’t produce enough testosterone to build the type of muscle you see from the competitive bodybuilders who are often ‘genetically enhanced’ to say the least.
What lifting weights will do;
* Build muscle (yes this means a firm bum, slender arms and a flat stomach)
* Improve joint strength
* Increase basil metabolic rate (burn more calories at rest)
* Make you less susceptible to injury

Now if you are a newbie to the gym and have no experience of lifting weights I would highly recommend the advice of a coach or personal trainer to help you along the way. You should focus on movement preparation, injury prevention and mobility and compound movements.
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Compound movements are full body exercises which recruit the highest amount of muscle fibres and will leave you torching fat whilst increasing strength up to 36 hours after you finish your workout.
Examples of compound movements are:
Bench press
Bent over rows
Pull ups
Kettlebell swings

So ladies its time to ditch the endless, tedious cardio and get in the weights room to improve the way you look, feel and perform today!