STRENGTH & CONDITIONING (in person & remote)

We already know that training is an integral part of peoples lives from elite level athletes down to every day gym goers. In terms of improving performance, the stimulus provided in the gym, and the adaptation to this stimulus will enable you to gain a physical advantage both in the gym and on the sporting field, given the correct nutritional and recovery strategies are in place.

You spend roughly 80% of the time training and 20% of the time actually competing, so it is vital you optimise your time in the gym with a clear action plan, smart programming and a training schedule aimed at maximising each and every single session. As we know, especially in the modern day world, with peoples hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, time is a premium.

The systems we provide cover all angles and our unique way of working ensures we can cater from a full range of clientele from both ends of the performance spectrum.

All programmes and strategies provided place a huge emphasis on results based progression, with continual performance monitoring and an underpinning of sport & exercise science based principles tailored to each individuals specific needs and abilities.

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For in person Strength & Conditioning, athlete preparation (combat sports, football) and small group sessions our coaches are currently operating around the Merseyside area, Liverpool and Manchester upon request.

If geographically you are unable to train with us in person, we also offer a remote online coaching service with our ‘Optimise’ Series fusing Strength & Conditioning with Corrective Exercise and Energy System Development to allow you to perform at your best!

If you feel you are already well equipped with training structure and knowledge we also have E-Book programmes readily available for instant download today!

Upon sign up you will also receive exclusive access to the TrueCoach mobile app. You will be assigned your own personal coach and will use this avenue as a communication pathway, use weekly check ins to monitor your progress statistics including body fat %, physique transformation pictures and be motivated throughout to ensure you maximise your time with us and achieve your goals!

All our coaches have a minimum of 3 years experience within the field and are all fully qualified between BSc and Msc level with relevant Sports Science based Degrees. Each coach adheres to the Optimal Performance ethos to ensure the same high standards are provided across the board.

To discuss your training strategies with one of our coaches further schedule an in person meeting or phonecall here