Recovery strategies and how to implement these across a busy training schedule and hectic lifestyle can often be overlooked. How often do you see people rushing into the gym and skipping any form of warm-up, movement preparation and stretching just to tick off another sub standard workout.

This lack of attention can often lead to areas of dysfunction, in which people are pushing their bodies through movement patterns they don’t own, often with heavy external load and weight added. (Think heavy back squats with no knee flexion range of motion or the guy you see in the gym arching his back when deadlifting with a weight which is far too heavy).

At Optimal Performance we optimise each pathway of performance and enable each area to interlink and work together. The stimulus you provide in the gym and how well you recover from this stimulus determines the response and adaptation.

Poor recovery = Poor adaptation.

Our systems ensure recovery work is included with our Strength & Conditioning blueprint and our Nutritional strategies, with further recovery work coming in the form of soft tissue work (Sports Massage Therapy), Joint Assessment and Mobility Training.

This way of working means athletes and clients working with us receive a fully comprehensive performance protocol that ticks all the boxes.

Utilising Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) each of our consultations begin with a Movement Screening and full joint Assessment (FRA). Often many of our clients reach out to us when they’re in pain, but you DO NOT have to be in pain to improve your joint health and mobility.

Our coaches will assess joint health, mobility and restrictions between the upper and lower limbs and devise an action plan based on the findings. This will then be combined with sports massage therapy using the Functional Range Release (FR) methods to create new workspace, improve upon restrictions and bridge the gap for recovery between intense training blocks and competition days.

This ensures both the skeletal system and muscular system work together as one fluid system. If you aren’t assessing then you’re simply guessing!

These methods enable our athletes to work in both a rehabilitation setting to offset injuries and return to play, or to simply optimise in season training to remain clear of injury. After all an athletes best ability is their availability!

To book in for an initial consultation, a full mobility assessment and your first massage therapy session, book in with the link below, or of you would like to discuss further, reach out to one of the team with our enquiry form.

If geographically you are unable to work with one of our coaches in person, we offer remote online coaching with our 3 tier Mobility +Plus+ online programme using our Assess>Address>Adapt system via the TrueCoach App.

Sports Rehabilitation Session

Combining manual therapy and sports massage with exercises prescription to offset pain and enhance recovery. (In person only) upon purchasing this package one of the team will contact you to arrange your session. (operating in Liverpool, Mereseyside)

Mobility Screening & Assessment

2 part assessment (upper & lower limb) to gage an understanding of your current range of motion with follow on homework and exercise prescription to offset pain,  improve posture and mitigate the risk of injury to ultimately function at your best.


A comprehensive 3 phase mobility training system designed to improve joint health, strength and movement capacity. You will be coached through the system and be assigned your own personal coach on a 3 month commitment with daily sessions, exercises and routines pushed directly to your phone via the TrueCoach App.

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