30 high performance recipes and 5 commercial eating guides delivered straight to your inbox every month.

Each of the recipes include myfitnesspal barcode integration to instantly upload your calories and macronutrient contents for each meal when tracking calories and working towards achieving your targets in the gym and on the sporting field!

Receive a brand new digital Recipe Book every single month available for instant download including smoothie, vegan, and special occasion editions!

This subscription service is ideal for professional athletes, coaches and members of the public who are simply looking to improve eating habits, understand the nutritional value of food and begin to fuel performance and enhance recovery from intense training sessions and on match/competition days.

Here’s how the subscription format works. Each month you will receive;

1 x Performance Nutrition Recipe Book

including 30 brand new recipes direct to your inbox including breakfast, sides and small plates, mains and desserts.

5 x Commercial Eating Guides

with tips on how to survive eating out whilst still making progress including Costa Coffee, Dominos, Burger King, Nando’s and many more!

To help you implement these recipes even further each meal will be labelled with ‘Fuelling’ or ‘Recovery’ type recipes to enable you to focus upon nutrient timing strategies to improve performance even further!

Subscription can be cancelled at any time with options for rolling monthly or yearly subscription. it should also be noted this subscription is a yearly commitment and will come to an end after the 12 months.

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