Nutrition plays a huge role in an athletes ability to function and perform. With health and performance at the forefront of our minds, the Optimal Performance nutritional strategies are devised to maximise athletes ability to fuel, adapt and recover from both intense training sessions and competition days.

With bespoke calorie targets, macronutrient splits and training schedule periodisation, each tailored programme includes both training and competition day fuelling strategies, supplement protocols to reduce the risk of illness and injury, body composition assessment to ensure all statistics are heading in the right direction. Each and every client taken on will receive a full consultation either in person, or through Skype/FaceTime, in order to gage a greater understanding of each clients unique requirements.



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We are currently operating operating around the Merseyside, Liverpool and Manchester upon request.

If geographically you are unable to work with one of our coaches in person, we also offer a remote online coaching service based on a monthly subscription basis. With that being said, we only take on a handful of clients each month. This ensures the quality of our work remains of the highest standard, with each individual receiving the highest level of support and motivation throughout, personalised to their needs, goals and preferences.

Online Coaching > The 7 step Journey

  1. Sign up: Choose your package, make your subscription.
  2. Consultation form: we need to understand and establish clear goals, work on your preferences and understand your current nutritional status.
  3. The app: receive access to the exclusive Optimal Performance mobile app where you will be assigned a personal coach to motivate you and communicate with you throughout your time with us.
  4. The plan: receive your plan from your assigned coach which will detail everything you need to improve your nutritional strategies and work towards the goals stated in your consultation. (Allow a maximum of a 7 day turn around upon completion of the consultation form).
  5. Implement: begin to build habits and lifestyle improvements through nutrition by following the protocol your personal coach has set out for you.
  6. Check in: touch base with your personal coach each week, who will monitor your statistics, adherence and accountability through wellness questionnaires, visual feedback and verbal communication to ensure you progress.
  7. Optimise: as we progress through the plan devised, your coach will make small tweaks to your nutritional strategies to optimise health, performance and allow you to achieve your goals.