How to lose fat

31st January 2017

This is possibly the most asked, yet most misunderstood question within the fitness industry. Many people would have you believe eliminating foods you enjoy is the way to go about it, but in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Completely excluding enjoyable foods from your diet and having that mindset to begin with is only going to lead to one road- binge eating. As soon as you tell yourself you can have something, you want it. The only thing you require to lose fat is to be in a caloric deficit.

This means consistently taking in less energy than you require on a daily basis. This balance is what helps you lose fat and weight on a scale, nothing else. To guarantee this success, you should begin to track what you eat using an app like MyFitnessPal.

As a rough guide to calculate your maintenance calories, take your body weight in lbs (kg x 2.2) by 15. This figure would give you the calories you require to Maintain your current situation. As we are looking to help in fat loss we would times your weight between 10-12. Remember to start on the air of caution and set your fat loss calories as high as possible to begin with to ensure longevity and sustainability.

Then consistently consume the amount of calculated calories each day across a long period of time and monitor your response on the scales and with body fat %. To create an even bigger deficit and increase the rate of fat burn, you should incorporate some for of resistance as cardiovascular based training within your regime and guarantee success!