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How to guarantee progress

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Many people get to a stage were they simply feel ‘stuck in the mud’. They spend hundreds of pounds on the latest fad diets and products without applying the basics to their daily routines and workouts.

The 3 basics of your regime should be TRAIN, EAT, SLEEP.

Train with purpose ensuring progressive overload within your programming. Increasing total training volume over time ensures you don’t plateau and allows you to progress towards strength and size gains and an improved physique. To simplify things- volume= sets x reps x weight lifted. Over time that equation needs to be on the incline to ensure progress. Do this by simply tracking what you lift by using a training log.

EAT- the single most important component of anyone’s routine from elite athletes to regular gym goers. If you have no idea how to fuel your performance in the gym, or on the sporting field, learn how to recover from intense sessions or eat to lose fat the best piece of advice possible would be to track what you eat. Figure out your goal (fat loss, muscle gain, performance) work out your daily totals and become ultra consistent in hitting them targets.
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The best way to do that is to use MyFitnessPal. A free application and very accessible tool which you should begin to use straight away. The idea should be to track total weekly calories so don’t become obsessed with hitting your totals exactly each day.

SLEEP- often neglected when many gym goers and athletes look at performance limiting factors. A good nights sleep is pivotal with regards to recovery and regeneration of broken down muscle tissue and the secretion of growth hormone. To ensure a good nights rest, head to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual and relax by reading a book or thinking through some personal targets. DO NOT spend half an hour scrolling on your phone, in bright lights watching junk tv. To enhance your sleep even further invest in a supplement called ZMA. A combination of zinc, magnesium and aspartate has been shown to improve the depth and quality of people’s sleep and is used by athletes around the world as part of their supplement regime.

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