Heart Rate Monitoring for HIIT

5th May 2017

Heart rate monitors are a tool used by many professionals and elite level athletes. With technology on the rise many different methods of analysis have become readily available and a heart rate monitor should be a staple within your training day regime. Monitoring your heart rate during a session enables you to see the response you have to particular exercises or periods of exertion. It also enables you to monitor output and can give an insight into physical fitness by gaging how quickly you recover back to resting heart rate values. For this reason Heart rate monitors should always be used during High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). To achieve true HIIT your heart rate should be above 85% of maximum. That is of course, for the amount of time you have set to work at that capacity for. Then once your interval time has finished, you can then monitor how quickly your recovery rate is and use this data as a tool to show your current fitness levels and other statistics such as calories burned and session duration. A simple way to work out your own HR max is 220- your age (years). If you haven’t done so already, we would highly recommend purchasing a HR Monitor and personally use the Polar Beat H7 Bluetooth compatible model paired with the free Polar Beat application for iPhone/android. If you aren’t tracking statistics you are simply guessing as to wether you are improving your physical capacity and therefore performance in the gym. Investing a small amount of money in a HR monitor means you become accountable during and after your sessions with live performance feedback and also ensures you are achieving true High intensity Interval Training. Get started today and ensure your efficiency and performance in the gym and on the sporting field continually improve.