Fasted Cardio for Fat Loss?

17th February 2017

A current trend for fat loss within the fitness industry seems to be performing sessions, usually High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (LISS) in a fasted state. Meaning no food is consumed prior to the session. Many fitness gurus advertise this as a method of training which allows you to burn fat as fuel, which isn’t entirely true. Reducing body fat is achieved when you expend more calories than you consume on a Consistent¬† basis. Which unfortunately doesn’t mean eating well Monday to Friday, then binging all weekend. If you had just finished a fasted HIIT session for example, then went home and consumed more calories than you burn for that day, then you won’t have burned any more fat than you would have done finishing a HIIT session after a full English breakfast. Although some studies have shown you are more likely to consume less calories throughout the day after fasted cardio, this isn’t a given for every single client, athlete or regular gym goer and the equation remains the same. To burn fat and lose weight in the process, you have to consume less calories than you take in on a regular basis. If performing fasted cardio helps you to achieve this caloric deficit, thats great. If you prefer scrambled eggs, avocado and smoked salmon before a session in order to provide fuel and energy for your workout then great. As ever there is not set method or one size fits all approach and what works for one individual won’t always work for another. Having a structured calorie and macronutrient devised nutrition plan comes in extremely useful, especially when looking to achieve fat loss. How can you know if you are consuming the correct foods in the right amounts for your specific lifestyle, activity levels and goals in mind without tracking what you eat? We have already done the work for you, and you can grab a FREE COPY¬†of out Nutritional Programming booklet today by simply entering your email address on our subscribers list. Or you could take it one step further and follow our highly renowned Carbohydrate Cycling Fat Loss Nutrition Plan guaranteed to set you well on your way to a new physique by torching unwanted body fat and making you look, feel and function better in the process. Head over to our services tab above and start your journey today!