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Fat Attack
Tried & tested, the Fat Attack Cutting Programme features 12 weeks of progressive, periodised challenging workouts alongside a fully bespoke nutrition plan devised for your specific weight, body type and lifestyle. If your looking to reveal six pack abs, whilst improving fitness and torching body fat in the process, this is the programme for you.
Mass Attack
The Mass Attack Bulking Programme guides you through 12 weeks of intense, periodised workouts focusing upon strength, hypertrophy and DUP sessions devised with an underpinning of sport & exercise science. If your'e looking to increase strength, add heaps of muscle to your physique and improve your compound lifts, this programme is for you.
The Push Pull Legs Programme utilises bi-weekly periodisation to focus upon specific planes of movement to help improve aesthetics and performance in the gym and on the sporting field. This programme also includes a bespoke nutritional programming section equipping you with the knowledge to calculate calories with fat loss, strength & size and performance goals in mind.

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