How to Add Strength, Size and Muscle Mass

5th May 2017

This is a question we receive a lot here at Optimal Performance Solutions. How do I add muscle mass to my physique?
The route to achieving an increase in muscle mass is often one which confused and the science behind how is relatively simple. To add muscle to your physique you have to eat in a caloric surplus. This means eating more than your body actually requires over a consistent period of time. Then whilst in a surplus your training must include progressive overload, to ensure you don’t plateau in your attempts. Progressive overload is something we mention frequently here, and is simply increasing the amount of sets/reps and weight you lift for each of the exercises included within your programme. To ensure you are adding progressive overload to your routine simply track your workouts and note the weight you lift, especially on your compound lifts. (deadlift, squat and bench press). As ever consistency is the key and you MUST be consistent over a long period of time to achieve an increase in muscle mass, strength and size. Anywhere between 0.4-0.8kg of weight gain a month is a realistic target to set when looking to add muscle/weight. Anything more than that will likely be a gain in fat and not muscle mass.