6 Tips For Logistics Marketing To Help Customers Find Your Business

22nd March 2022

She advises identifying that area by conducting an impact analysis. “List every step of the way you manage logistics, and how each process will be affected by the change,” she suggests. Picking, packing, and https://globalcloudteam.com/ shipping orders is a huge time commitment and can take you away from more important, money-making tasks. Fortunately, there are several ways to automate the order fulfillment process with a 3PL partner.

How do you develop logistics

Take time to vet properly in-house and other coordinating managers to ensure that they are on board with your company’s objectives and strategy. Manufacturing leaders must have the ability to manage their inventory in order to manage their operations and, arguably more importantly, the relationships they share with customers. Just like how businesses shouldn’t assume what their customers are thinking, management should take the time to listen to what their employees are saying. While every business has different needs , certain strategies work across the board. To help business leaders with the daunting task of maintaining sustainable business processes, we’ve compiled a list of four basic logistics management tips.

Optimize Inventory And Warehouse Management

It is, however, vital to know when to abandon the original concept in favor of the backup one. Logistics management is all about discovering more efficient and effective methods to move resources and products from start to finish and to the customer. However, these activities are driven by the need to fulfill consumer demand and provide excellent service to retain customers and maintain their contentment. Alaina Brandenburger has over 10 years of experience creating digital content. She has provided content to a variety of businesses ranging from national media websites to retail professionals. With her background in marketing, she is able to help small business owners understand everything from client relationship management to social media engagement.

Organization was made more efficient, baggage trains were pared down and some of their load shifted to the soldier’s back, and much of the noncombatant tail was eliminated. The artillery train was increased, and the rolling magazine was used as the occasion demanded. The heavily burdened citizen-soldier marched faster and farther than his mercenary predecessor.

Nortel completed its transition to its new business model in June 2002. While the new business model was designed to grow Nortel’s business, the economic climate has changed the partners’ focus to controlling cost. “We needed to move quickly, to learn from each other,” Blasgen explains. “We did not want the integration to take an inordinate amount of time—we wanted to act fast, and offer the best for our customer base.” Merging the two distribution networks has been a huge task, involving the convergence of physical goods with vast amounts of information. The two partners get together quarterly for a formal review of the whole business, and go over KPIs , and discuss what they can do differently to improve the process.

Customer loyalty is based on perceived trustworthiness, which might be temporarily disrupted by errors or delays in the distribution system. Statistics show that American customers spend, on average, 70% more with companies that provide excellent customer service. Use analytics reports to share market behavior and sales flow trends with your team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • The Sheetz project team and management recognized that the change was not as simple as bringing distribution in-house.
  • While it’s an integral part of the job—and a very difficult task—many managers have had no formal training in managing change.
  • In addition to expanding the facility, AFS management took the opportunity to define the culture it wanted in place at its new DC.
  • In a pandemic-troubled world, contactless delivery is more critical than ever.
  • While it might have been tempting to concentrate on integration tasks and challenges, the group recognized the importance of getting out into the field to address anxieties and answer questions.
  • Following the pilot, IKON plans to roll out its outsourcing arrangement and the new distribution network throughout the remaining regions in the United States during 2003.

Prioritizing inventory management allows businesses to efficiently eliminate waste. When businesses are able to show they can manage their customers’ needs by maintaining an accurate depiction of their inventory, they’ll be able to increase their business’ profitability. For a variety of reasons, companies have moved into global Sourcing and exporting programs without fully understanding the complexity of the planning and execution requirements, and with insufficient technology support. Transportation usually makes up the largest share of expenses in logistics.

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ProjectManager is a project management software that gives you the tools to manage logistics more efficiently through automation and real-time monitoring. Kanban boards for visual workflows, online Gantt charts for scheduling and a real-time dashboard to report on progress as it happens. See how it can remove bottlenecks from your supply chain by taking this free 30-day trial today. However, it is also clear that for too many companies this scenario results in much higher costs than expected, significantly reducing or even eliminating the estimated benefits of global strategies.

How do you develop logistics

Several different aspects of logistics management need to be taken into consideration. For B2B marketing, one of the best social media platforms is LinkedIn. Although the site is primarily known for connecting professionals to peers and employers, it has grown to become a primary site for B2B networking — LinkedIn now offers tools for sales prospecting. Optimize your company’s LinkedIn profile and post consistently to help clients locate you on the site.

Before the change, IKON had warehouses located throughout the United States, organized on a regional basis, with each region having at least one equipment warehouse plus supply and parts warehouses. AFS is working with suppliers and customers alike to move to e-business. For example, AFS used to produce a large catalog for its customers each week that included products and price changes.

Steps To Develop A Winning Logistics Strategy

Quickly identifying products and staging them for outbound is one of the most effective ways to improve customer satisfaction. The ability to efficiently process requests reflects on your overall capability. Variability Management – International shipments inbound or outbound are subject to considerable variability in delivery times. Global Logistics leaders use Supply Chain data and performance management systems to better understand both the level of supply variability and the root causes of that flux. You can, however, take steps to ensure transportation management is in the best interests of clients and your company.

Savvy companies will be at the head of the line in making investment in developing highly secure Supply chains. Supplier Portals and ASN capabilities – Many process, language, and relationship barriers exist when trying to better integrate offshore suppliers. Nonetheless, the availability today of web-based supplier portal technology to improve integration and visibility with overseas suppliers means the opportunity to address these issues. The development of Logistics will be still vigorous in the following decades and the Logistics concepts might be applied in more fields. For example, a provider should have extensive knowledge about common freight logistics problems, such as damage caused during transportation by various modes.

Free and open-source software adoption has made the Cloud the primary choice for logistics providers and organizations worldwide. Opt for logistics software requires considering all the criteria mentioned above. For a business, it involves addressing their needs and then choosing one that wraps around their existing processes. By integrating an LMS into their operations, companies could reduce their turnaround times and streamline the overall cycle of planning and delivery while keeping up with the customers’ requirements. Dashboard view in ProjectManager.Logistics management has many things to track and resources to schedule.

In addition, K&N visited all 18 countries, meeting with all employees to explain the overall mission of the new company, its goals and objectives. These visits enabled K&N to meet employees face to face, and begin establishing a personal relationship and a sense of trust. Change management is challenging in any new outsourcing initiative. In Nortel’s case, it was complicated by the fact that the change would affect employees in 18 countries. K&N recognized that it would take time, plus consistent and fair management, to establish a strong level of trust among all the 3PLs, and has worked hard to make that happen. Nortel began by divesting the majority of its manufacturing to Solectron and other partners.

How do you develop logistics

Logistics marketing isn’t always focused on digital tools to reach clients, but many different channels can help you meet potential new clients and convert them into customers. Evaluate each page to see if you can strengthen your search engine optimization , and make sure there are keywords in multiple locations that will help customers find your page among the crowd. Make sure the site displays and functions properly on mobile devices as well.


You can also conduct an informal poll of past customers to see what they think you do well. Boost leads and sales for your trucking, warehousing, or logistics business with online marketing tools and advice. In addition, senior management from both companies get together twice a year to discuss ways to improve the relationship. “Now our company is looking for new ways to leverage our logistics network, and corporate management is very happy with what they see.” In addition to articles in the company newsletter, members of the crossfunctional teams who worked on the change initiative held meetings in various departments to keep people informed. Sheetz wanted to infuse its existing culture into the new DC, so that there was one culture, rather than separate distribution and store cultures.

How do you develop logistics

For greatest success, “the project needs to include information targeted to how the change will affect each group’s role, as well as their upstream and downstream relationships,” she says. Inadequate communication can hamper the success of the change effort. Communication failures can include not continually reinforcing the vision of the change, or not adequately communicating project status, problems, and successes. An effective way to open a dialogue with employees about an impending change is to set up a page on the company’s intranet. The page could include FAQs and other information regarding the change, and provide employees the opportunity to post questions and concerns. “The executives who have sponsored the change need to respond—or at least give input into the responses,” Baylin says.

Reorganize Transportation For Cost And Time Efficiency

Without streamlined logistics operations, you will end up with several loose ends that impact both your profit margins and customer satisfaction. Therefore, having a cost-effective, streamlined logistics operations process in place will help to keep logistics costs down, reduce risk and human error, and keep your customers happy. Logistics management is a part of the supply chain that uses planning and implementation to store and deliver goods and services to the customer. It coordinates several critical activities of the supply chain that range from product development to commercialization. Logistics software adoption streamlines operations and removes process hassles.

Knowing what you do well in relation to your competitors can help you strengthen your value proposition. Use your website and other branding materials to communicate this to prospective Logistics Software Development clients. To develop your value proposition, know what you offer to your customer. Look through testimonials and past successes to determine what you do better than your competitors.

How To Improve Your Logistics Management

Tompkins consultants worked with crossfunctional teams to conduct the strategic study. The team included representatives from store operations, IT, finance, HR, and marketing. “They gathered as much data as they could on existing volumes and project growth, what areas we might expand into, and the internal processes we had in place,” Ryan says.

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IKON wanted to improve service on emergency orders, so worked with UPS SCS to map locations of Mail Boxes Etc., a unit of UPS, to IKON technicians. At the corporate level are process owners for each major process area, including service, order management, and supply chain applications; Singer is the process owner for the latter. Before starting the project, IKON conducted a survey so that the company could understand the expectations of its internal and external customers over the next five to seven years. IKON surveyed about 100 people internally, plus a number of customers, to determine the service level customers expect for the delivery of equipment, parts, and supplies.

“I worked on a court case involving a logistics provider that was set up to fail so the client could make a change,” Lynch recalls. “Honesty and candor would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.” “Communicate the new information as early in the process as possible,” advises Cooper. Many of these issues involve misalignment of goals, which hampers achieving desired results. “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” Frazelle says, citing the case of one company’s decision to install a new WMS in warehouses that were full to the brim.

In addition to classroom and one-on-one training, GLC used “sandbox training,” so employees could work first-hand with the system. “We encouraged people to be open and candid, to be confrontational in a positive manner,” Barlow says, and communication among the project team was wide and open. “Each of these had a subteam that worked across our different plants to make sure that each plant was represented properly, and that the systems we selected could do what each plant needed,” Barlow explains.

“We always look forward to enhancing our supply chain and serving our customers.” “A great deal of the project’s success is due to the excellent team of people helping us,” he notes. “As a team, they were challenged to look at GLC’s requirements and cost-effectively design and develop an innovative solution that would work well together.” The plants may manufacture the product or buy it for resale, customers may get full truckloads shipped direct from each plant, or products from different plants may be merged into one truckload. “Transportation needs to know how to plan the trucks, and the shipping people need to consolidate orders on an interplant or individual plant basis,” Barlow says.

If your company offers domestic and international shipping services, social media is a cost-effective tool for reaching customers in many countries. However, you should familiarize yourself with content restrictions in different countries to keep your content from being blocked. Traditionally, logistics firms have used client relationship management to generate word of mouth and find new customers. Email marketing, such as newsletters or other targeted direct messaging, allows you to do this more quickly and effectively. Update your client follow-up procedures to include digital touchpoints that will enable your clients to connect with you. “Our first 50 hires to work in the distribution center were store people who had worked at the retail level,” Ryan explains.